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The Third Revelation is how is also known the Spiritism Doctrine, which was dictated by the Spirits, the voices of Haven, to the mankind through its codifier, Allan Kardec, in France during the period from 1855 until his body's death in 1869. According to the Bible the First Revelation of the God's Law was announced to the pagan world through Moses. It basically corresponds to the Ten Commandments written in the stone tables. After that, in order to fulfill His Law, God sent us the most evolved spirit ever been among us in the Earth: Jesus Christ. Jesus did not come to destroy the Moses' revelation, but to develop it and mold it according to the thoughts and behavior of His age. The Christ’s journey through Earth and His teachings were known as the Second Revelation. Then in our days, the Spiritism, as the third revelation, based on its scientific, philosophical and religious aspects, was brought to us not through one man, but through the voices of several spirits, in order to show us the God's Law under a perspective that we are now more able to understand.

"Moses showed humanity the way; Jesus confirmed this work; Spiritism will finish it". An Israelite Spirit, 1861. In The Gospel According to the Spiritism.

The content of this website is not just directed to the Spiritists (people who have adhered to this doctrine) or to whoelse believe in the Spiritsm. This actually applies to all those who believe we are not just flesh and bone and there is another kind of life beyond death. The key point to understand these new concepts is however to believe that in our lives we need to do our best in favor of our neighbors, in favor of the mankind, in order to build a better world and to move toward our own spiritual evolution. We do not intent here to disdain or to cause harm to any other cult, and in fact it doesn't matter if you, dear reader, are Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, etc...

According to Allan Kardec, in Genesis: "A day will come where all those creeds of several forms, but that really stands over a same fundamental principle: God and the immortality of the soul, they will cast into a great and vast unity, as soon as the reason triumphs over prejudice."

Although the most different creeds and beliefs have been target of several controversies across the centuries, there has always been a common agreement among them, which is regarding the moral teachings and the belief in love. That is why we will mainly approach here the religious (or moral) aspect of the doctrine, which is focused on LOVE, this wonderful force that synthesizes all good things we can do for mankind and nature, and consequently for ourselves, when exempted of any bitterness, anger, jealousy, pride or selfishness.

Of course it is also important to present here the Spiritism philosophical and scientific aspects that are, by meaning of irrefutable proofs, bases for understanding all the questions regarding the life meaning, the reasons to be born and die, the spiritual life in the Earth and other worlds, the supernatural, the "ghost" communications, etc...

"Go and sow my word", was said from Jesus to His disciples.

The idea of putting together the Third Revelation website was born after considering a conversation of superior spirits about the need of disclosing to the entire world this new revelation, mainly focused on its moral teachings and on Christian behavior. Although the Spiritism appeared in France, this doctrine has its biggest number of followers in Brazil, where its growth is being even more evident as time goes on. Also in this country we had the honor of share the work of the great medium writer Chico Xavier, whose the contribution for the doctrine was and still is unmeasurable. Indeed most of Spiritism books and literature launched in the last century belongs to Brazilian authors (being either incarnated persons or spirits) or were written through Brazilian mediums. Now it is needed to sow this seed overseas... You can also find a lot of good material and Internet sites related to the Spiritism. Portuguese is the most used language, but it is also possible to find now several other good works written in other languages, mostly in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. It is strongly recommended that you seek for other references and teachings about the Spiritism. We are also making available here the main Allan Kardec literature for free downloading.

We truly hope this space can bring you more knowledge and also some comfort. We are specially thankful to the spirits of Inacio Ferreira and Odilon Fernandes for stimulating us to start this work, and of course we thank and beg all the goodwill spirits to follow and support us in this challenge.

So please open your mind and your heart for the Third Revelation. Consider it and evaluate it without prejudice, act and change your behavior by putting it into practice. As return you will reach your answers and self-peace, because that is the natural law: the continuing improvement, the way we will move toward the WISDOM and the LIGHT.

We are pleasure to have you comments and suggestions